SINCE 1974

We Bake History

SINCE 1974

We Bake History

M. Arabatzis SA-Hellenic Dough is the largest company of frozen dough products in Greece and one of the largest in Europe. For over 40 years, it has contributed to the spread of the Greek nutritional tradition since its products preserve and pass on the nutritional value of Greek cuisine to the next generation. It creates authentic traditional flavors & products of high additional value, always choosing fine ingredients of excellent quality such as extra virgin olive oil. The unique Bougatsa, Twirled pies and variety of mini bites stand out for their crispy sheet, fluffy puff pastry & rich, delicious fillings. 

M. Arabatzis SA, remaining consistent in excellent quality and possessing high technical know-how, has achieved significant and sustainable growth in the Greek and international market and distributes its products in more than 45 countries all over the world.

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The Baking History Begins!


Arabatzis family begins the production of dough products.
The baking history begins!

We keep on baking history!


Founding of the company "Makedoniki Sfoliata" and 1st investment in a production line.
Founder of the company is Michail Arabatzis.

New production plant in N. Malgara - Thessaloniki.


Production of the first retail packed croissant in Greece (Smaky).

1st lamination production line, for croissants and puff pastry dough products, in Greece.


The company enters the retail market.

Founding of the company Michail Arabatzis S.A. Industrial And Commercial Food company. New production plant in Industrial Area of Thessaloniki - Sindos.


2nd production plant in Industrial Area of Thessaloniki – Sindos. New production line for pizza.

New production lines for Filo dough.


Facilities expansion with 8500m2 of warehouse and production areas.

4th production plant (15.000 m2) in Industrial Area of Thessaloniki, with 6 new production lines.