The food products company MICHAIL ARABATZIS SA - 'HELLENIC DOUGH' (Reg Nr: 058429504000) operates in the sector of frozen pastry products, supporting the Food Service market as well as the retail market. The operational structure of the company is based at its privately owned 77.250m² production facilities located on privately owned land within the Thessaloniki Industrial Zone and supported by a wide sales network together with a private fleet of transportation vehicles, three branches, in Athens, Patra and Ioannina, and highly trained associates throughout Greece.

HELLENIC DOUGH - ARABATZIS, rank among the most up-todate food production companies not only in Greece but also in Europe, which from its founding has been operating with the philosophy of producing high - quality products.

The company’s quality assurance from its selection of raw materials, to the careful and professional production and handling ensures safety and hygiene right up until consumption of the products.

Quality is controlled and maintained at all stages in accordance with the following standards: BS ΕΝ ISO 9001:2015, BS ΕΝ ISO22000:2005, ΙFS International Food Standard Issue 6: April 2014(Higher Level) and BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue7: January 2015 (Grade A).

The company strategy is to continue its already long - term steady growth in Greece by creating new products and establishing new collaborations, while maintaining a strong presence abroad.

Being particularly faithful to Greek tradition, HELLENIC DOUGH - ARABATZIS is committed to associates and consumers alike with a view to maintaining the highest quality standards in all areas.