31 October 2023

M. Arabatzis SA was distinguished as "Company of the Year 2023" and gained 5 awards at the Frozen Food Awards 2023 where excellence and innovation were honored! Specifically, it received 3 gold awards, for its product, the new stone-baked Pizza Chryssi Zymi, the best services and solutions in Automation Systems and Transportation & Handling. It also received 2 silver awards, for the Advertising Campaign Chryssi Zymi "Ftiaxe Kamari" and the innovative product Chryssi Zymi "Rollini" with carob flour, mizithra and honey.


For more than 40 years, M. Arambatzis SA inspired by its founder, Mr. Michael Arambatzis, has been applying excellent practices in the creation of innovative products of high nutritional value guided by the dissemination of the Greek nutritional tradition. It practically supports the Greek economy and society, with respect for the environment, its partners, and consumers and through its activity creates value for everyone.

M. Arabatzis SA commits to continue with the same passion to innovate and offer products of high quality and nutritional value, spreading Greek nutritional wisdom throughout the world.